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iBUFFALO BSHSBE16 tai nghe Bluetooth

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iBUFFALO BSHSBE16 tai nghe Bluetooth

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat May 16, 2015 1:36 pm

Tai nghe Bluetooth cao cấp iBUFFALO BSHSBE16  nghe nhạc nghe gọi.

Giá:  550K
Dùng cho:  iphone, máy tính bảng , android phone, mWATCH và tất cả các thiết bị có hỗ trợ bluetooth.

Công nghệ: mới nhất  Bluetooth®3.0 + EDR.

Công dụng:  Nghe nhạc  , nghe gọi , kết nối với 2 thiết bị một lúc, kết nối cực kỳ ổn định.


* wireless music to listen
Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phones and portable audio players, such as the PSP go, is a headset that the music of the Bluetooth®-enabled devices can be enjoyed wirelessly. ● can call wirelessly for the built-in microphone, in connection with the Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone or mobile phone, you can talk hands-free.

※ propriety of hands-free calls while driving, it varies depending on each municipality. Check the regulations of your area of ​​the municipality, please comply.

* Standby up to 160 hours, it can also be used up to 5 hours continuous talk. When travel and, You can use it without worrying about the charge out during long drives.

*Radio interface

Bluetooth Ver 3.0 + EDR Class2 compliant
frequency hopping spread spectrum (FH-SS) system

PIN code


Transmission frequency range

2.4GHz (2402 ~ 2480MHz)

※ Basically, mobile phones, cordless phones, television, and radio, etc. it does not interference, if these devices to use the wireless 2.4GHz band, there is a possibility that interference will occur.

Communication output

Maximum 2.5mW (Class2)

Communication distance

About 10m (depends on the usage environment)

Continuous Standby Time

Up to 160 hours (charging about 1.5 hours)

Talk time

Up to about 5 hours

Body dimensions

W19.5 × D29.7 × H53.4mm (protrusion, not including cable)

Body weight

About 7.2g (body only)

Package dimension

W66 × D57 × H150mm (protrusion, not including cable)

Operating environment

Temperature 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, humidity of 20% to 80% (non-condensing)

Product configuration

Body, instruction manual, replacement earpiece (S / M / L ※ M size is already attached to the body), USB cable for charging

Chi tiết gọi: 098.896.55.58

website :       
Website :  

Head Office ( trụ sở ):              15B Ngõ 50/18 Võng Thị - Tây Hô` - Hà Nội  - Việt Nam
Giới thiệu sản phẩm:    196B  phố Thụy Khuê – Tây Hồ - Hà Nội

Hà Nôi/HCM: Mobile:                    sales:   098.896.55.58    

International  Office:  Germany, USA, France, Holland.


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