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Chuột không dây Bluetooth BSMBB10 i-BUFFALO Nhật

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Chuột không dây Bluetooth BSMBB10 i-BUFFALO Nhật

Bài gửi  Admin on Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:31 pm

Chuột không dây Bluetooth BSMBB10  i-BUFFALO

Giá:  450.K

1. Chuột không dây Nhật, dùng cho mobile, máy tính bảng, iPhone, ipad, Samsung, android mobile, Nokia, Windows PHone lumia.....
2. Hoạt động chuẩn, bền, chất lượng cao.

Chi tiết gọi: 098.896.55.58
website :       
Website :  

Head Office ( trụ sở ):              15B Ngõ 50/18 Võng Thị - Tây Hô` - Hà Nội  - Việt Nam
Giới thiệu sản phẩm:    196B  phố Thụy Khuê – Tây Hồ - Hà Nội

Hà Nôi/HCM: Mobile:                    sales:   098.896.55.58    

International  Office:  Germany, USA, France, Holland.


By simply waving to a computer or tablet (※) is Bluetooth® mice that were equipped with the possible connection "NFC tag". Complicated settings unnecessary. Available the mouse immediately by simply holding up to a computer or tablet that you want to connect. Of course because it can Bluetooth® But pairing those who have a NFC equipped PC or tablet, you can use with confidence for those who will now be made to purchase the NFC onboard equipment.

※ PC and tablet side must also be equipped with NFC.

Since then correspond to Bluetooth®3.0, you can pairing and connection with NFC non-mounting equipment. Further Bluetooth®3.0 and if the pin code can be unnecessary and easy to connect compatible devices.
In addition, we achieved a stable communication up to 10m by corresponding to Bluetooth®3.0 class2. PC operation in such living also, you can use it without worrying about the distance and position.

To BlueLED sensor with a high reading performance, high sensitivity mouse "BlueFocus" series plus the improvements easy to hold further easy to use.
Now available for operation over difficult was transparent glass table or a transparent sheet in the conventional optical and laser equation (※). Light that emits a blue LED has a short wavelength as compared to red or green light, in order to easily hit the molecules in the air, the reflectivity & diffusivity is high, is possible to illuminate a small dust and uneven. Even on difficult was the glass or a transparent sheet in a conventional mouse, was it possible to accurately read operation of the mouse.

It is equipped with a battery level indicator lights that the battery replacement period can be seen at a glance.
By preventing advance of battery exhaustion, you can comfortably use it without stress.



Compliance Bluetooth®3.0 class2 compliance


HID (Human Interface Device profile)

Sensor system

BlueLED Optical



Radio frequency


Radio waves reaching distance

A non-magnetic material (such as a wooden desk): approximately 10m
※ Our test value per, it is not a guaranteed value.

The rule of thumb when using alkaline batteries

Continuous operating time: 169 hours
Continuous standby time: 127 days
expected available time: 134 days

※ in the state with the power on 8 hours a day mouse, if you have assigned 25 percent of the personal computer operation to a mouse.

Dimensions (width × height × depth)

60 × 100 × 35mm


About 58g (without batteries)

Package dimensions (width × height × depth)

130 × 220 × 55mm

Package weight

About 145g (including body)

Operating environment

Temperature 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, humidity 5% to 90% (non-condensing)

Product configuration

Mouse body, instruction manual, AA batteries (one, for operation check)

※ battery The included battery life for a check of operation has become shorter.


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